Calf jets relieve tension in the upper calf to increase circulation all the way down to the feet.

WeatherShield spa covers offer a lightweight, fade-resistant material that stands up to extreme temperatures. The stronger seams won’t tear until an average of 405 pounds, whereas vinal covers can tear at as low as 204 pounds.

Each Performance seat is designed to provide a full-body immersion and proper posture, in harmony with a respective jetting pattern for superior comfort and jet performance.

For the American Whirlpool 200 series, the frame combines the treated wood frame with steel-structure corners to increase strength.

Drink holders provide a place to rest your glass with a small lip to keep it from slipping.

The ABS Sealed base is an integral part of the support structure in an American Whirlpool® hot tub. Its one-piece construction provides a rugged foundation that seals the bottom of the spa, locking in heat and blocking out moisture.

Specially formulated preservatives are saturated deep into the wood to protect against rot and infestation, ensuring the long-term structural integrity of your spa.

Thermo-Lock Insulation combines the elements of the ABS Sealed base, BlueMAAX, and the WeatherShield cover to lock in the heat of your spa from top to bottom.

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